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“Tarantino” Ft. Carrie Q

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(July 8, 2021) Singer/songwriter/producer Clay Newsom has unveiled his new song “Tarantino,” available now at all DSPs. This song is a direct follow-up of his recent release, "Innocent Crime".  "Tarantino" was produced by Clay and written with the help of one of his classmates from Berklee College of music, Carrie Q, who is also featured on the track.  This song explores the similarities of the power that a director has over a film with the potential power that one may possess in a relationship.  As deep as that sounds, it is perfectly juxtaposed by the simple, yet catchy melodies that the lyrics are married to.  Once again, Newsom has show cased his ability to explore his feelings about love while translating them into a catchy Top 40 sound.  Newsom’s  soulful tone and playful lyrics embody a whole new level of versatility and show his ability to evolve his unique sound.  Keep on the lookout for more new music coming from Clay Newsom very soon!


Clay Newsom is an American pop singer-songwriter/producer with honest lyrics, passionate productions, and smooth, emotional vocal delivery.  Originally from Walker, Louisiana, Clay has spent his early 20s diving deep into the unexplored territory of his sound.  The 26-year-old musician says, “I’ve always loved writing and producing music, but recently I feel like I’ve had a breakthrough with my own sound and how I’d like to express myself as an artist.”  While attending Berklee College of Music, Newsom’s had the opportunity to grow as a singer/song-writer/producer and more importantly explore his artistry on a different level.  Growing up in a family band, Newsom gigged frequently in the Baton Rouge area.  He gained a lot of attention as a piano prodigy, playing mainly blues-rooted music.  In his early years, he met and performed with some of the most renowned blues artists in the world; Henry Gray, James Johnson Jr., Oscar Harpo Davis, Jonathon “Boogie” Long, Sean Carney, Jaryd Lane, Larry Garner and Dorothy Moore - just to name a few and has been featured in multiple media sources.

Since shifting his focus to pop music, with influences like Justin Timberlake, Charlie Puth, and Jon Bellion, Newsom released his debut single “Not Like Me” followed by his first EP titled “Confide” in June of 2018.  Now, after taking some time to grow as a recording artist, Newsom kicked off 2021 by recording four new songs for the Motion Picture Soundtrack of a new film titled Do You Remember  which is set to release later this year.  Clay has also released his reggae influenced single, “Friday Afternoon”, his heart felt “Deja Vu”, and the nostalgic "Innocent Crime".  Now he's back again with a new single "Tarantino" set for release on July 8th. 

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